15 small steps to ensure the perfect Beauty Assembly salon experience

18th June 2020
Beauty Salon Nails Leeds

We want you to have the best time possible when you visit us at The Beauty Assembly, so whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth manicure we promise you’ll learn at least one new tip in our new complete guide to having an appointment at our beauty salon.

Before your appointment


  • Book in good time. We do book up super quickly, especially in certain seasons, so the best time to book is 3 weeks in advance or more. We love an organised client, it helps us stay organised too and it gives you something to look forward to. We’re easy to locate – right behind Leeds train station, on Granary Wharf, so if you can get to Leeds city centre, you can get to us.


  • If you choose to book nail art, have an idea of what you want. We love doing nail art, and we want you to have the nails that you dream about. To make this easier for us, bring in any inspiration to your appointment – a sketch, screenshot or even one of our own Instagram posts. It makes it easier for us to plan how we’re going to make your nail dreams come true! If you’re not sure whether we’ll be able to do what you’re wanting, feel free to drop us an Instagram message or an email with the inspiration image in it so that we can have a little look for you.


  • Avoid using cuticle oil or hand moisturiser on the day. Using anything oil based before your appointment – even if it’s good for the nail – it will sit between your nail and the gel and will cause it to lift. We absolutely encourage using cuticle oils and hand creams between manicures, just not before your appointment.


  • Try to remove your polish to save time. We want to give you the best manicure we can, and we can easily take off old polish but it’ll eat into your appointment time. We recommend that you take the 5 minutes to take it off at home so when you come in we can get started immediately.


  • But don’t peel off your old gels. We know sometimes it can’t be avoided, but peeling off your gels also peels off the top layer of your nail. The Beauty Assembly offers free nail repairs for up to a week after your manicure and we always appreciate clients letting us know if gel hasn’t cured properly so we can fix the nails quickly.


  • Don’t be nervous! We like to keep The Beauty Assembly a stress-free environment so you can get your nails done surrounded by positivity. We make sure we give enough time for each client and love a good natter. If you need extra time in your appointment for any reason, or have any specific requirements please do let us know in advance so that we can do our best to accommodate.



During your appointment


  • Trust our opinions. Our Therapists love a challenge when it comes to nail art, but sometimes it’s necessary to scale back an idea to make it work. Getting your nails done is a collaborative effort after all, and we never want clients to leave dissatisfied.


  • Be patient and ready to relax. We allow 40 minutes for a simple gel manicure, and 80% of that is preparing the nail. We want to promote healthy nails and nail growth, and we want your nails to hold the gel for the longest time possible and not peel.


  • Bring your dog. We’re a dog-friendly salon because we just love dogs, simple as that. We want to pet them all.



After your appointment


  • Book your next one. This one goes without saying! We take bookings online, over the phone or in the salon itself. We also sell gift cards – your experience at TBA should be good enough to share!


  • Be careful getting your hands wet. Try not to submerge your hands, especially hot water. This means always wear gloves when washing up, and try to keep your hands out of the bath when you’re having a good soak. If you want more information about how to look after your gels, click here to read our blog post on it.


  • Remember that your gels and your nails are both porous. We find that the main reason our clients’ nails peel, chip and break is exposure to harsh chemicals, so try to avoid getting these on your nails. Avoid doing anything without gloves: any products that include bleach and any other chemicals that are acidic or harsh can damage your gel manicure, and potentially your skin too. If this means that you don’t want to do any cleaning while your nails are shiny and new, you have the perfect excuse – we’re totally on your side!


  • Use cuticle oil. We currently sell CND’s Solar Oil, the nail industry’s miracle oil, in handbag sized bottles for £4, but there are also so many alternatives out there… you can even make your own. Lia swears by coconut oil and olive oil, and Vitamin E oil also has been proved beneficial for strengthening nails. Our very own Therapist Ashleigh owns and runs NIBA, whose cuticle oil uses all natural and organic ingredients. We recommend that you apply cuticle oil twice a day, once before bed to allow it to soak in without rubbing off as you use your hands.


  • Avoid products containing Lanolin. This is an ingredient in some moisturisers and lip balms so just be sure to check the ingredients before you buy, and if you’re blessed enough to be out and about on a hot day, avoid getting sun cream on your nails.


  • Repeat: Don’t peel!! Don’t pick!!! Don’t bite!!!! If you need a repair feel free to pop in, or you can soak off your own gel with the help of our step by step guide.