Covid-19 – Guidance for your Appointment

19th June 2020

Welcome back to the land of perfect manicures and defined eyebrows! We certainly have missed you since closing our doors back in March but we’re feeling refreshed and ready to get back in to the swing of things. Of course things will run a little differently in the salon as we adhere to most recent government guidelines to protect both our team and clients and we understand this might be a little overwhelming for some of you so we wanted to take a second to describe the changes and what you can expect if you do visit the salon.

We would like to start by saying that we do not want any of our clients to feel any pressure to book appointments if this is not something they feel ready for yet. It’s been an unbelievably challenging few months and we have seen first hand how differently people are impacted by the virus and the restrictions placed on us and we truly believe this has to be a personal choice and one that is completely respected. So if you are reading this as one of our regular clients who is feeling maybe they aren’t ready to return to “normal” just yet, please don’t worry & know that we’ll be just as excited to see you when you are! If you are desperate for that little dose of self-care (which let’s face it we all deserve right now) then read on…

The Team

In order to maintain social distancing as much as possible we will only be having three therapists in the salon at one time as this will ensure you have the whole row to yourself. The team have all undergone specialist Covid-19 Infection Control training during the last few weeks and will follow recent guidance to self-isolate at home for 2 weeks if they, or anyone in their household, presents with symptoms. Rest assured our team have been supported financially throughout this pandemic and will continue to be so they are under no pressure to work unless they feel it is safe to do so. This is extremely important to us as we feel it creates a level of trust & honesty that we can then pass on to you as clients. The team will also be given extra time between each client so that they are able to disinfect the areas properly without having to rush.

There will now be a clear screen between yourself and your therapists with a space for your hands to go through and be positioned as they normally would. This ensures that any droplets/particles that arise from talking, coughing or sneezing will not be passed between therapist and client and it means you can still have a good old chat & catch up! Your therapist will also wear a mask throughout the treatment and will throughly wash their hands between each client. Uniforms will be washed after each shift.

Before you take your seat your therapist will have ensured your station has been completely sanitised, including the LED lamp and any other areas the previous client may have touched. Our tools are always sanitised in hospital grade sanitiser between each use and we will of course continue to do this.


All our clients will be sent a questionnaire to fill in prior to their appointment to confirm that they, and their household, are symptom free and that they agree to follow our new guidelines upon arriving to their appointment. We ask that you arrive alone for your appointment and at the specified time as we will not be using the waiting area inside the salon, however you are of course welcome to wait outside and make use of the benches in Granary Wharf or grab a coffee next door.

Clients will be required to wear a mask in the salon and we do ask that you bring your own where possible, otherwise a disposable one will be provided for a small charge of £0.50. Upon entering the salon clients will be requested to wash/sanitise their hands. Please plan ahead and be mindful of items such as your phone as these should not be touched again once hands have been washed until the treatment has finished. Once the treatment begins you will be able to relax and things will continue much as they always had meaning your biggest concern will be what colour to go for!
After the treatment please simply wait for instruction from their therapist to use the reception area to pay/rebook as we want to keep this area as traffic free as possible.


We will be operating on our full treatment menu with the one exception that we will not be able to offer threading. This is because it is not possible for the therapist to do this whilst wearing a mask so instead we will be offering waxing. If you cannot have waxing for any reason please let us know and we will do what we can to offer a tidy up using tweezers.

If you would like to have nail art please be mindful that it will not be possible to scroll through your phone for inspo pics as normal. If possible please send your ideas to the salon email or instagram ahead of your appointment or alternatively mention it on arrival to the salon and we can take steps to sanitise your phone before use.

That’s all for now!

Whilst it might seem like a lot to take in, really I’m sure lots of this will already be second nature for most of you who have been visiting supermarkets etc. We really want your experienced to be as relaxed as possible and the team will be absolute pros at knowing what to do by the time we open so if you aren’t sure about anything honestly just take a second to ask. Nothing will be rushed and rest assured we are not taking the approach that because we have been closed for so long we now have to fit everybody where ever possible. We are completely on board with a slow, gradual return to normal, however long that takes, and we will only allow enough appointments to ensure we are still able to manage the extra cleaning and keep the space stress-free!

If you do have any questions or concerns please do email the salon on If you desperately want an appointment but don’t want to come in with other clients we will be offering limited morning slots where it will just be yourself and the therapist so just pop us an email to enquire about these.

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