Meet the Beauty Assembly team

18th June 2020

We meet and work with different clients every day, and we love to get to know them all (and all their dogs and pets!) so we thought we’d give back by giving you a little insight into our world – meet The Beauty Assembly family.

Illustrations by @martharatcliffeillustration


Lia has worked at The Beauty Assembly for over 4 years and became our first self-employed team member in 2019. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has her own client base as well as TBA’s. We asked her about her experience at TBA, what she loves about doing nails, and of course her dogs!

What’s the best part of working at The Beauty Assembly?

My clients! They’re all so lovely and I always look forward to my regulars coming back. I love catching up and having a good natter when we see each other.

What do your customers value about their treatment here?

Their nails are healthy, their gels last and it’s a lovely friendly environment. It’s relaxed and we’re so chilled and we make sure we tailor appointments to our clients – if they need a strengthening treatment for example we make sure we have the time to give that to them. I have the chance to build relationships with my clients and some of them travel across the country to see us! 

What’s your favourite nail colour?

Builder In A Bottle in ‘Baby’. BIAB is a gel by The Gel Bottle which comes in various nude pink tones, and is designed to strengthen your nails! I use it on my nails all the time and I love how long they are.

What’s your go-to nail care product?

I love cuticle oil and BIAB – they’re my favourite products for protecting your nails.

Tell us about your dogs.

My Chihuahua’s called Sky and my Pomeranian is called Oscar. I love them both and they get on so well! They’re super energetic and we all love a trip to the park.


Agnes is an incredibly accomplished beauty technician with years of experience, but she’s always looking to learn new things. She loves bright colours and designs and will be the first to say whether something will or won’t suit your skin tone – you can count on her for honesty! 

What made you want to get into the beauty industry?

Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be in beauty! I used to paint my nails with Tippex and I was always obsessed. I wanted long nails and this is my dream come true!

Why do you love The Beauty Assembly?

Well first of all, I love the uniform because I campaigned for the comfy aprons and I can wear jeans to work. We have a relaxed atmosphere and it’s easygoing which helps me with childcare. I had always been in big salons so I was nervous about being in a small place but really it’s the best. And I love when my clients bring their dogs!

What do you do besides work at TBA?

I look after my daughter. I am a single mum and of course it’s hard, but it helps that I love my job and TBA is so understanding. I do other beauty treatments from home that the salon doesn’t offer as well – I love variety. 

What’s your go-to nail care product?

Cuticle oil – you don’t realise how important it is until you start using it.

Tell us about your dog.

Her name is Luna and she’s a French Bulldog. She’s best friends with my daughter and they go everywhere they can together!


Vicki is trained as a Beauty Therapist, and is now back in university studying Psychology. She loves a laugh and could gossip with a client all day. You’ll find her asking clients’ advice with one of her many lists in hand – whether it’s recommendations for a hen do, a holiday or just a place for dinner one night. If you’re a client with Vicki, always bring your A-game for whatever suggestions she’s looking for that day.

What do you think are the biggest nail trends of the year so far?

At the moment my clients are loving summer floral designs and pastel colours, but when it gets colder I love a good Christmas design.

What are you doing when you’re not at TBA? 

I study Psychology at uni, and I wanted to do this because I fancied expanding my career options, but I couldn’t imagine myself never doing nails again! 

What’s your favourite nail colour?

Matte black. It’s easy and always smart.

What’s your go-to nail care product?

I love CND solar oil but I’m doing my own nails all the time so I barely have time to use it.

Tell us about your dog.

My dog is a little sausage dog and his name is Richmond (yes, after the sausages). He is energetic but loves a snuggle and is always excited to see me after work which makes my day.


Ashleigh is the newest team member at The Beauty Assembly, and has been doing nails for almost 10 years. She’s always willing to learn and is constantly pushing herself to learn new techniques and ever more intricate designs. If you’re her client, you can tell her almost anything and she will offer great advice. Last year Ashleigh established her own brand of organic, refillable nail care products under the brand name NIBA!

What made you want to go into being a Nail Therapist?

I trained in nails over 10 years ago. Straight after school I did a 1 year beauty course and then spent a year and a half doing a NVQ in nail technology. It wasn’t a popular subject to study at the time and I wanted to do something that gripped my creativity. I didn’t get into doing nails professionally straight away – I ended up in restaurant management for 8 years then decided I wanted to do something that I really enjoyed, which to me is making pretty little finger nails!

What’s your favourite nail colour?

I love a classic nude! But I’m also a sucker for nail art, but I only like quite simple art on myself, whereas I love to experiment and try new techniques and designs with my clients.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

When I’m not at The Beauty Assembly I’m working on my other passion, my brand NIBA nail care. I make everything myself at the moment so it takes up a lot of time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Other than that, my favourite things are eating food with my better half and working it off in the gym!

What’s your go-to nail care product?

My go to nail care product is NIBA nail care cuticle oil! It’s magic for my nails and hands, it keeps my nails and cuticles moisturised and healthy, keeps my enhancements on longer and smells divine!!

Do you have any pets?

I’d have all the dogs in the world if I could but my boyfriend is allergic! I absolutely love when clients bring their dogs in – I get all the cuddles I need then.


Gracie joined in 2019 as TBA’s receptionist. She loves her tiny chihuahua and nagging the other girls to do her nails when they have downtime, and repays them by bringing her dog to work for cuddles and kisses.

What do you like about The Beauty Assembly?

TBA is an eco-conscious nail bar and is constantly working towards becoming zero waste and eco friendly, which is something very close to my heart, and I love that the space is used for workshops outside of its normal work hours. We are looking at running a lot of workshops out of the salon in the near future, so keep an eye on our Instagram and this blog! 

Tell us the most surprising thing you’ve learnt at TBA.

How long it takes to do nails and how much skill goes into it – I have a huge appreciation for nail care as an art now, and that the way you treat nails and hands to maintain nail growth and health. I also notice how happy clients are when they leave – something as simple as a manicure can change your outlook for a couple of weeks!

What’s your favourite nail colour?

Anything pink. And glitter!

What’s your little dog called?

Her name is Mitski, and she’s 5 years old. I take her to the salon with me fairly often and she loves everyone there. She’s very quiet and loves just to settle down on someone’s lap. Sometimes clients don’t even notice she’s here, and sometimes I think I’ve lost her because she’s fallen asleep on someone and I haven’t noticed!


Laura is the youngest team member – but don’t think that makes her any less qualified! She’s a true nail artist with drive and ambition and is looking at going back to uni to expand her knowledge. Her desk is next to Vicki’s and they’re always giggling together. She loves meeting clients and loves to see the positive impact that even small beauty treatments have on clients’ happiness.

How did you become a nail technician?

I started doing beauty because my sister did. I applied for the same college and got a NVQ level 2 & 3 . I’m fully qualified in so many areas of the beauty industry – I can even do electrical body treatment and lymphatic draining! I tried so many things but I enjoy doing nails most because you have time to talk to your clients, get to know them and offer a personalised service. I enjoy chatting and I love painting nails, and it’s the only thing I’ve found in the beauty industry where you see a big result in half an hour. Clients will come in having had one of the worst days and you can talk it through with them and give them some sparkle and they’ll leave 100 times happier.

What’s your favourite nail colour?

‘Princess’ because pink is my favourite colour, and ‘Coco Cabana Banana’ because I love the name!

What makes The Beauty Assembly unique?

We focus on not being hectic and give each client as much time as they need rather than fitting in as many appointments as possible. We are very relaxed and focus on the good vibes!

What’s your go-to nail care product?

NAF! Salon’s branded cuticle oil – it’s watermelon scented, contains minimal ingredients and even my boyfriend loves it, but don’t tell him I said that…

What trends are you predicting next season? 

Tortoise shell and gold, which I’m loving! It’s a new challenge for me, and Ashleigh has been teaching me some techniques to make it look realistic.


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