What is The Gel Bottle Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) and do I need it in my life?!

9th September 2020
Builder in a Bottle BIAB

You may have heard or The Gel Bottle’s ‘Builder in a Bottle’ gel as a cure-all for short, brittle nail woes, but what actually is it and how does it work?

Your questions answered

‘Builder in a Bottle’, also referred to as just ‘Builder’ or ‘BIAB’, is a type of gel developed by makers The Gel Bottle to nourish and strengthen nails and promote nail growth. It can be used as a replacement to hard gel extensions or acrylic extensions as it’s used on the natural nail and makes them stronger, allowing them to grow past the client’s natural breaking point. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free!

Some technical bits

BIAB can be used as a base coat, meaning it goes straight onto the nail bed and bonds to it under UV or LED curing, effectively adding another layer to the nail to strengthen it. We can even use two to three coats on weaker nails, which can make the nail virtually indestructible! It can be used as a colour as well – all the Builder gels are nude tones – or covered with a gel colour (and nail art!) if the client wants the strength of Builder but not the colour.

Because it’s a soft gel, Builder gel is removed easily with a soak off, whereas acrylic and hard gel need to be filed to be removed. Builder is also ‘breathable’, which is great for those with weaker nails as cuticle oil can penetrate and reach the nail bed. The Gel Bottle’s website states that it won’t chip or lift – again because it’s a strengthened gel. It increases flexibility on brittle nails which means they’re much less likely to snap.

Why we recommend BIAB

We always recommend Builder in a Bottle to clients who struggle to grow their nails, whether they bite their nails or have weak nail beds. We’ve found manicures using BIAB as the base tend to last about a week longer than manicures using our normal gel base coat. We don’t offer hard gel or acrylic at The Beauty Assembly, and we don’t need to when our clients use BIAB to grow their nails more naturally. We all use it on ourselves – and that’s the ultimate testimonial!

Book your Gel Manicure with Builder In A Bottle with us here, and be sure to select the Builder in a Bottle option after you’ve selected your Gel Manicure, or select a Fresh Start Gel Manicure for plain BIAB until Jan 2021!

See below for a client before & after using Builder Gel for just a few months.

Growing Nails Builder Gel