Why should you use The Beauty Assembly x NIBA Nail Care products?

9th April 2021

We talked to Ashleigh from NIBA, the hot new nailcare brand, about her brand, the beauty industry and our The Beauty Assembly x NIBA Nail Care collaboration!

Tell us a little about your background and how your got into the Beauty Industry.

I started my beauty journey way back in 2008 where I trained in beauty and nail technology. It was a natural decision for me to train in this industry, although I had a break from the beauty industry for 8 years to pursue a career in hospitality management. I was drawn back to my beauty roots in 2019 and it felt like coming home after a really long day at work. My passion is in beauty, mixing my background of beauty and business to create NIBA Nail Care was the perfect step for me to take.

What is NIBA Nail Care all about & what made you want to start?

NIBA Nail Care has been developed to be safe, research informed and inclusive. In late 2019 I began to have several allergies to nail products which fuelled my drive for safe products in the nail industry. I always knew I wanted to create my own brand, but it wasn’t until I gained my allergies, and realised how many unregulated products where being made and sold in the industry, that I became passionate about creating safety and regulation compliant products in the cosmetic industry. I completed a diploma in Organic skincare formulation and my passion just grew more.

Our initial product design was in fact the TBA X NIBA Nail Care Refill station. I wanted to provide the beauty industry with something innovative, salon based and eco friendly. Working with Abra and Gracie for the launch of our eco stations was the perfect match. 

In what ways have you made NIBA Nail Care more ethical and sustainable?

As a brand I am very eco conscious and my eco friendly refill stations are at the heart of this – from the ingredients I use to how we “refill”.

I use ethically sourced natural oils which can be traced back to the exact origin and even the person who farmed them. The suppliers I work with have an amazing ethical policy that I just fell in love with. They make their sourcing decisions based on how the materials are grown, what impact they are having socially, environmentally and on the local wildlife. They work with partners who are affiliated or certified with eco-conscious organisations such as Wildlife Friendly, Union for Ethical Bio Trade, and Integral Trade, ensuring that growers and producers receive a fair market price for their products. The transparency in the supply chain meaning all ingredients could be traced from warehouse back to the farm they were harvested from was exactly what I looked for in a supplier. I use these products because I know the materials are clean & green: they are grown, harvested, and simply extracted to provide as natural a product as possible which has not been adulterated or diluted.

Our “refill” service ensures none of our bottles end up in landfill. When you return your bottle, it gets sent off for specialist cleaning and is put back into NIBA Nail Care. Although the bottles are recyclable we wanted to go one step further and ensure there is the least amount of waste there possibly can be.

For our clients thinking about purchasing one of our new TBA x NIBA Nail Care cuticle oils, can you explain a little about the ingredients and their benefits?

Our blend is a mix of Jojoba oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Argan oil and Hemp Seed oil, and our formula is something I am extremely proud of. As I’m in the beauty industry, I could formulate this product with intention and I created a super hydrating beautiful formula I know people will fall in love with.

Jojoba oil is a natural oil extracted from the seed of the jojoba plant, and it’s closest to the oil produced by the human skin called ‘sebum’. It helps protect and heal the skin from external toxins and is a fantastic nail strengthener and skin moisturiser.

Natural vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the skin. It is super nourishing and moisturising and is more easily absorbed by the skin and better for you than the synthetic vitamin E option.

Argan oil is a rich oil renowned for helping the skin feel nourished, replenished, soft and sumptuous. It is rich in omega 9, (oleic acid) omega 6 (Linoleic acid) and vitamin E. It’s also an exceptional moisturiser.

Hemp seed oil is a beautiful, fast absorbing oil, and is beneficial for nail growth. The nutrients in hemp seed oil heals cuticles and repairs and strengthens nails. 

I chose these oils to ensure I had a luxurious, fast absorbing, maximum moisturising nail & cuticle oil, that I know you’re all going to love.

You can buy our The Beauty Assembly x NIBA Nail Care products in our salon, and when you’re finished do take advantage of our refill service!